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Husing Economic Report: 2021 Forecast
With the new Husing Economic Report, my reporting on the Inland Empire economy enters a new phase.  Having intensively written about the area since 1964 and in having a formal report sent out since October 1988, the knowledge acquired over this period will be put to use twice a year.  Once, on updating the forecast for the year in early May and once presenting detailed information on the 52 Inland Empire cities in early November.  In addition, each report will include an analysis of a major issue impacting the region.  In the first issue, the topic is the important negative impact of drying up jobs for marginally educated, poorer workers if the AQMD taxes warehouses of over 100,000 square at 90¢ a square foot.

Every October issue, the Inland Empire Quarterly Economic Report reports a wide variety of data on each of the 52 cities and both counties in the region.  It also shows the rank of each city on each metric compared to the others.  The October 2020 QER is now available.  The report includes data by community on population, retail sales, assessed valuation, income, poverty, new and existing home sales and median prices.

The Adventure Section is now offering trip observations and photos of John Husing's recent excursion to Antarctica.  While you're there, you can pick another continent John has visited and choose an exciting story taken from his journals about his hiking treks and travel adventures around the globe.
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