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Economics & Politics, Inc. is an economic research firm, noted for its ability to explain and forecast economic activity in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. This is the area composed of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties that is inland and adjacent to Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. For regions of over 1 million people, it has led the United States in population growth.

In recent years, Dr. John Husing, vice president and chief analyst for the company has been a consultant to virtually every major governmental body in the inland region. In that capacity, he has helped develop strategies for dealing with the major economic issues facing the respective jurisdictions as well as the region as a whole. Because of his work at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as within the inland area, Dr. Husing has developed a keen understanding of the economic, employment and infrastructure issues involved in Southern California’s logistics sector.

Dr. Husing’s 45 years of experience in studying the Inland Empire, as well as work early in his career as a political campaign manager, have made Economics & Politics, Inc. unique in providing public and private entities with an understanding of the combined economic and political forces impacting the inland area. Recognizing the importance of good information, the firm’s city, county and sub-regional reports provide policy makers with a wide range of demographic and economic data specific to their jurisdictions. Knowing that specificity is important for decision makers, our highly focused city/county comprehensive strategies provide both policies and action items to help improve the living standards of their residents.

Dr. Husing’s approach is to systematically interview major local elected officials, their staff, the business and community leaders and various organizations to fully grasp the perceived advantages and weaknesses of a city or county. With this overview, the jurisdiction’s economic data, and knowledge of local politics and regional economics, a strategy is then developed by identifying the major issues facing a community and presenting recommendations plus action plans to address them.

Regionally, Dr. Husing has worked with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) in helping develop its long-term employment forecast for the Regional Transportation Improvement Plan program. Because of the importance of the logistics industry to Southern California, SCAG has retained Economics & Politics, Inc. for on-going research exploring the interaction of goods movement between the region’s ports, rail facilities, airports and logistics facilities. His success with this research led the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to contract with Dr Husing for the economic impact study of their Clean Truck Program.

Dr. Husing’s research specialty is regional economics. He therefore has extensive experience in project level economic impact analysis. His clients have included developers, shopping centers, regional transportation agencies, community colleges and water districts, plus entertainment venues like the California Speedway and Casino Morongo. Companies from outside the Inland Empire frequently use the firm’s advice and analytic data as they consider moving to it. Dr. Husing is skilled in the use of zip code level ES 202 employment data at the local level, in part, because he was responsible for the legislation that made it possible for municipalities to access this information. Outside of the Inland Empire, Dr. Husing’s work is often used by companies considering locating in the inland area and regional bodies needing to incorporate its behavior into their plans and strategies for Southern California. Meanwhile, Dr. Husing also prepares budgetary forecasts for San Bernardino and Riverside counties and the San Bernardino Associated of Governments. He has represented them and other entities in bond rating hearings with Moody’s, Standard & Poor and Fitch Investment Service. This has given him an understanding of the nuances of public financing mechanisms.

In an average year, Dr. Husing gives approximately 70 speeches relating current economic trends and issues to everyday audiences as well as briefings to state and local officials and their staffs. He is well known for his dynamic, concise and enthusiastic presentations of complex ideas in a clear, understandable manner. Having worked for two decades as a political consultant and campaign manager earlier in his career, he has an intuitive understanding of the political culture and how to work and communicate within it.

Economics & Politics Inc has published the Inland Empire Quarterly Economic Report for over two decades. This newsletter has been a bell weather publication tracking the changing economic trends in the region as well as a source of continuous data on the area’s housing, employment and other key economic indicators. Its main articles deal with current economic issues of importance to the area.

In sum, Dr. Husing’s prolific knowledge of the Inland Empire and Southern California, as well as his political acumen and regional economic focus have made Economics & Politics, Inc. an important resource to the region’s private companies and governmental institutions.

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